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My Approach

I aim to develop a trusting, safe and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship to successfully treat you.  My role will be to assist you in creating a new perspective and guide you through your particular challenges in order to improve your quality of life. 


The source of my counseling approach is psychoanalytical, drawing from Interpersonal and Relational theories.  My approach emphasizes the importance of the patient-therapist relationship as a vehicle for healing and growth.In therapy, we will pay close attention to the dynamics of our own relationship, as well as to patterns of behavior and communication that may be holding you back in other areas of your life.  By developing greater self-awareness and insight into these patterns, you can begin to break free of old patterns and forge more meaningful and fulfilling connections with others.


I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and stress management techniques to my practice, to assist in alleviating distressing thoughts and emotions in the present moment. 


Whether our treatment choice includes one or more methods, please know that we will make one specialized according to your individual needs.  

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