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Picture of Baris Unsal-Riley, LMHC 

Baris Unsal-Riley, LMHC 

Licensed in New York

Baris specializes in working with individuals and couples seeking a deeper understanding of their internal processes, thoughts, and behaviors. Through psychodynamic and supportive psychotherapy, she assists patients dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, trauma, and body image concerns. Creating a safe and non-judgmental space, Baris employs an anti-oppressive stance in her work.  


Baris’s expertise lies in psychodynamic psychotherapy, addressing both unconscious and conscious elements of the mind to unravel internal conflicts. She guides patients in resolving inner struggles and finding meaning in their internal worlds. As a naturally curious individual, she encourages patients to join her on a journey of self-exploration. Baris firmly believes in the effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy to unveil the root causes of suffering and develop creative coping mechanisms for managing the associated pain.

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